ABOUT the hosts

Todd & Cindy Larsen have called the rolling prairie of South Dakota “home” all their life. They were raised with the cowboy code, waking up and working hard, treating others the way they should be treated as part of God’s creation and taking care of the land knowing that the land would in-turn take care of them.

​They raised their daughters with the same values and that’s how they treat the friends that visit them out at Crow Creek.

​It’s a handshake and a hard day’s work, a smile and soaking in the sunset from the bunkhouse porch, coffee and fresh baked cookies – it’s cowboy life and you are invited to join in on the experience.


So what’s a day at the ranch like? That’s a great question!

Crow Creek Guest Ranch is a working cattle ranch that spans 4,000 acres of wide-open prairie. Some days – after enjoying a hearty, home-cooked meal – we’ll saddle up to move cows from pasture to pasture, ride out to check water sources and ensure the cows have everything that they need. Seasonally we have our branding, shipping and other annual events but those events are dependent on a lot of factors causing them to fall on different days each year.

​We have a full size arena outdoors and a large barn for indoor horseback riding.

What kind of equipment do I need? Another great question!

Crow Creek Guest Ranch has been in business for many years so we have all of the saddles, tack and ranch equipment you’ll need.

​Not feeling up to a ride? That’s fine! Enjoy a relaxing day on the deck of one of our guest cabins or visit some of our MANY area attractions.
​Some things we encourage guests to pack include:
A good coat – even though you’ll be here in the summer
Pants or jeans – riding in shorts is not a pleasurable experience!
Boots – the cowboy kind
Hat or cap – to keep the South Dakota sun out of your eyes
Have more questions? We’d love to help! CONTACT US