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Nobis Jacket At Falguni and Shane Peacock's Spring /Summer 2014 I was blown away. I didn't know what to expect, for my top 6 London Fashion Week shows, this husband and wife team Falguni and Shane Peacock's collection had it all and showed amazing pieces.? Beautiful crafted graphic print floaty maxis to hard-wear studded body con dresses there was something special for the occasion. Throughout this collection we saw a common armour theme, featuring shoulder pads, Bra cups, belts, metal plates, and even knee pads on trousers. Graphic prints had a certain original look about them the collection was inspired by animals, 'under the threat of extinction' the prints in this collection resembles scales, bees and tiger stripes. They were so many favourites of mine in this collection, I loved the yellow and black graphic print body with oversized studded Perspex shoulder pads.? Amazing collection dresses and bodysuits all teamed up with sheer black tights and black tights socks. I truly love to own one of this piece in my wardrobe it is futuristically sexy, super hero. I am in love with the two Indian designer, I'm already thinking and looking forward to what I will see from them next season. I like that, they kept the Hair down and make-up with black eyeliner was kept equally simple.,Everyone is witnessing the lack in quality that is taking over everyday affordable products, such as clocks, tupperware, consumer electronics etc., which is why a drastic difference in price can be considered a clear tell-tale sign of the drastic difference in quality. To be honest, the price of an item has always been a clear signal of its value and therefore, its quality, but in recent years the difference between the products worth paying for and those that have quality only at first glance is becoming more and more obvious. Take jewelry, for example. In order to obtain even the smallest piece of a high quality diamond, for example, you would probably need to save up for a few months or even years in order to realize that intention. It can be said that the height of jewelry is twofold: quality wise, as well as in price wise. But that doesn’t have to be the case at all.Think about itIf you feel like you have a fashion instinct but you lack the funds to fully exploit it, you’ll be glad to know thIf you think that jewelry has to be expensive in order to have high quality and enhance your appearance, here’s a newsflash: you couldn’t be more wrong. Although it is fairly reasonable to assume that the price reflects the value of an item, it is also true that the price is not the only thing reflecting its value. To that sense it is important to understand that someone’s efforts and brain work also comprise the quality of the item in question, presumably a jewelry item, as that is the current subject.Example no.1Discount beads for jewelry making are the perfect example: beads are one of the simplest and most widely applicable tools when creating your own, personalized cheap jewelry, and at the same time, they can be used in any way you see fit. You can embed them into a necklace as the main feature, or a slight detail. On the other hand, it is the way that you use them in your product that determines the final quality of it. Discount beads for jewelry making are just one of the many ways in which you can express your creativity over and over at a very reasonable price.Example no.2Another great way to demonstrate that quality really does not have to suffer in affordable jewelry is wholesale charms and pendants. Wholesale charms and pendants represent a creative way of obtaining large quantities of an exciting jewelry-making tool at a discounted price, which translates into affordable pieces of jewelry whose quality depends solely on your craftsmanship in the production process. Be honest-who’s going to say no to a beautiful necklace decorated with an interesting pendant at a relatively cheap price? Virtually no one - which is why jewelry certainly does not have to lack quality in order to be affordable. Not anymore, at least.Wholesale high quality charms and pendants at, discount beads for jewelry making will delight you.,NEW YORK, NY �C The title sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is pulling out all the stops on the runway, backstage and online to ensure another spectacular season at Bryant Park. barbour womens "prada belts for men,"christian louboutin motcomb street,ted baker leather trousers
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